Wrist BPM Large LCD Screen

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The Yuwell Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most practical wrist-type electronic blood pressure monitors available. It was designed specifically to suit home use thanks to its intuitive design that makes it extremely easy to navigate and use.


  • The Yuwell Wrist BPM works with a color code to help you determine whether you are positioning your monitor right:
  • Yellow light: Incorrect measurement.
  • Blue Light: Accurate measurement.
  • It has an integrated sensor and algorithm that make it more accurate with more stable pressuring.
  • The Yuwell Wrist BPM is very lightweight and extremely compact so you can carry it around everywhere you go.
  • It features a large LCD screen which makes it very easy to navigate and read into.
  • As a wrist BPM, it is very easy to put on and take off without you worrying about taking off your clothes.
  • The device will guide you to use it correctly so you can avoid wrong measurement caused by wrong wearing.
  • The Yuwell wrist BPM also features an alarm that turns on in case your heartbeat is irregular


Measurement part Wrist
Measurement method Oscillography method
Range of Pressure Measurement 0~280 mmHg (0~37.3 kPa)
Pulse 40-200 times/minute
Equipment Operation Mode Intermittent operation
Number of Memory Groups 60 groups of memory
Pressure ±3mmHg