Homecare Furniture

What is Homecare Furniture?

Our medical home care furniture is a set of equipment that helps patients get the comfort they need. For the people that wish to be cared for and treated from home, the equipment that we offer would be the most ideal for a proper home treatment. 

We want patients to be comfortable, well-rested, so they can get on with fighting whatever illness they have. This is exactly the mindset we work by; we are not medical doctors, we cannot treat people’s medical conditions, but the least we can do is try to help patients cope with them by offering them the necessary equipment to always feel cozy, safe and relaxed. 

Not only do we offer our equipment to people, but we also offer them to hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

Homecare Furniture Categories


These pressure ulcers are characterized by either red skin, pus-filled blisters or dark scabs. If left untreated, they can cause skin and soft tissue infections, like Cellulitis. They might also cause the infection to dwell into the bone and cause bone and joint infection. And in rare cases, they might put the patient at risk of developing skin cancer in the long term. 

This brings us back to why these medical mattresses are important. On the side of treatment, a patient must have a special mattress that helps speed patients’ recovery.

  • The Smartline Basic: This can be used in any place, such as home, hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. It can surely be used on regular beds, but it’s more suitable for them to be used on hospital/medical beds. It specializes in the treatment and prevention of 2nd degree ulcers.
  • The Smartline Plus 5 Inch: This model specializes in the treatment and prevention of 3rd degree ulcers. 
  • The Smartline Plus 8 Inch: This model specializes in the treatment and prevention of 4th degree ulcers.

Why Buy from Us

Global Medical Supplies has been the proud partner of leading hospitals, clinics, medical centers, for the past several years. Our partners trust in us to provide the highest developed, revolutionary health technology solutions.

As a leading medical equipment provider, we strive to always be mindful of what people are going through, and to do our best to make their health conditions more bearable. 

We aim to build a trusting, long-lasting relationship with our customers, and vow to always deliver the utmost pre and post-sales service. 

You might have read this in one of our other pages, but that’s only because our service and attitude have never changed, and they never will. 

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