Patient Care

What is Patient Care Equipment?

Patient care combines a broad spectrum of equipment specialized in aiding patients. Patient care equipment can range anywhere from syringe pumps, oximeters, infusion pumps, or anything that involves enteral feeding. 

Patient care equipment combines any device or piece of machinery that contributes to making the patient’s condition more bearable and to maintain proper patient safe keeping.

Patient Care Equipment Usage

Patient care equipment is used in hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, and all kinds of medical facilities. Thankfully, all kinds of patient care equipment can be set up at home for the patients who require at-home treatment. 

You see infusion pumps in hospitals, usually. They are called infusion pumps because they infuse fluids, medications and blood to be flowing inside the patient’s body. It’s a very reliable piece of machinery, taking into consideration that you can control the quantities of fluids you’re aiming to infuse into the patient’s circulatory system. Not only that, you can also track the quantities of medications and fluids you’re infusing and set a time limit. 

Similar to an infusion pump, a syringe pump is what’s used to send perfect and exact volumes of fluids and substances. Normally, syringe pumps are used in medical research laboratories. 

Additionally, there is also the matter of enteral feeding. Enteral feeding is characterized by a feeding tube that transfers food by mouth or directly into the patient’s stomach. There are two other main categories of enteral feeding: one that begins in the nose and gets transferred to the stomach, and the other begins in the mouth. Enteral feeding is usually used in the cases of severe malnutrition, traumatic brain injury, dementia, stroke, or any gastric dysfunction. 

Various Patient Care Equipment

Let’s dive a teensy bit deeper into patient care equipment that is usually present in intensive care units (ICU). 

The first thing you will find in an intensive care unit is IV pumps, basically the easiest way to deliver medication and fluids to patients’ systems. Another machine you might see in an intensive care unit is a ventilator. Ventilators are usually used on heavily sedated patients to help them breathe better. 

In some cases, you may also find a dialysis machine; it helps patients with kidney failure by cleaning their blood. 

All kinds of machines and monitors are programmed to set off alarms in the case of any serious health occurrence. Doctors and nurses are equipped to be well familiar with any alarms the machines make, thus they can quickly respond and handle the patient’s situation. 

How can you Make Bedridden Patients More Comfortable Using Patient Care Equipment?

We all know it’s very difficult to have to cope with a certain medical condition, let alone deal with it every day at home. This brings us to the fact that not only is patient care equipment present in medical facilities and clinics, but it can also be set up at home. 

A fine amount of options is available when it comes to patient care equipment for the bedridden. Take the example of bedpans and urinals; they’re one of the must-haves when it comes to bedridden patients. It makes it so much easier for them and saves them the trouble of struggling to get up. Bedridden patients might also need CPR equipment and heart monitors, in order to always keep track of the heart’s electrical activity and immediately use CPR if needed. 

Over and above, enteral feeding equipment can also be of great help when it comes to the bedridden, as it can help in cases of patients’ with are unable to eat normally. Many potential risks can be avoided with the use of enteral feeding, such as severe malnutrition. 

All of the equipment and supplies mentioned above are used to make things easier and more convenient for the bedridden and their caregivers. Of course, that, along with the caregivers’ mental support is what’s going to make life easier for the bedridden. They come in a package. 

We want to always make sure that the equipment we’re selling out is contributing to making patients’ situation more bearable.

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