Transforming Your Wheelchair for Comfort and Accessibility
Transforming Your Wheelchair for Comfort and Accessibility

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The human body was not designed to spend all day in a wheelchair, which explains why it took so long for the wheelchair to become comfortable. Despite all of these advancements that are now common in wheelchairs, it still needs a sharp eye to make the wheelchair completely comfy for all scenarios you may be in. Small changes, as well as accessories you didn’t know existed, may make a big impact. When you use a wheelchair on a daily basis, it has to be comfortable, otherwise, you’re not being fair with yourself. 

Because everyone is unique, finding the correct wheelchair is not a routine transaction. Getting this purchase wrong might have a negative impact on a person’s personal growth and future, depending on the individual, their requirements, interests, and goals. Once the right wheelchair has been found and acquired, it becomes an “extension of one’s own self” that the user may personalize.

Here are 4 ways you can personalize your Wheelchair to have the life that you deserve. 

Find Comfort in Your Wheelchair

Lumbar Support

The small region in the lowest portion of your back where it curls inward may make or break your comfort level in your wheelchair. Your entire back will feel like it’s giving out all day if it doesn’t get sufficient support. Depending on how much money you want to invest, you can use a little wrapped towel or a genuine lumbar support seat attachment.

Just know that if you decide to try, it may make a huge impact. My quadriplegic buddy, who has been in his wheelchair for five years, just installed lumbar support for the first time and was amazed at how much something so tiny could enhance his comfort level.

Seat pads

Seat pads can help keep irritations like sores at bay by making the user more comfortable. It’s critical to acquire the correct material and filling for the individual’s demands once the right size seat pad for the specific wheelchair model has been identified:

  • A foam cushion allows for some movement flexibility while also promoting stability and steadiness.
  • An air cushion has a stiffness that can be adjusted and provides a lot of pressure reduction.
  • A gel cushion keeps the wearer cool while also assisting with pressure distribution.
  • Honeycomb cushions are lightweight, provide modest pressure relief, and keep the user cool.
  • By alternating pressure, an alternating pressure cushion can aid to avoid sores.

Cushioned Arm Rests

If you don’t need them, why have hard plastic armrests? If your wheelchair has armrests, making sure they’re padded is a simple approach to increase your comfort. When you’re in a wheelchair all day, that extra padding may make a huge difference, especially if you utilize it to move or reposition yourself.

Stay Safe

Protect Yourself From Turbulent Weather

Covering yourself with a warm blanket or mobility scooter coverings intended to match the individual wheelchair and mobility scooter type can help protect you from the elements.

While out and about in the rain, snow, or even the sun, an umbrella holder to support an umbrella or parasol may keep you sheltered from everything the day’s weather has to offer.

Protection Your From Theft

  • Keep track of the wheelchair’s model and serial number so that it can be identified quickly. Label your wheelchair with a unique sticker.
  • Have a current photo of your wheelchair on hand to confirm ownership and ensure its return, and install a locking device to make its removal much more difficult.
  • You may use an app on your phone to track the location of your wheelchair using electrical tracking sensors.

Travel Easily

Your own vehicle will be protected by a carrying case, which will keep it free of tugs and bumps, as well as spills. Instead of becoming stuck on other oddly shaped things, the case will make it easy to fit the wheelchair into the designated place.

A waterproof cover will protect electric and other non-foldable wheelchairs from the elements, and spills, and allow the wheelchair to claim part of its own storage space.

Some wheelchair coverings include an elastic border that keeps the cover in place while it’s being stored.

Wheelchair gloves are required for users who want to handle their wheelchair manually. For regular users, keeping their hands free of damaged skin and blisters is essential.

Enjoy Your Lifestyle 

Working Surface

  • Eating and drinking – if the height of the restaurant table is incompatible with the height of the wheelchair arms (the arms are unable to glide beneath the table), utilizing one’s own wheelchair table is a viable alternative.
  • Writing, reading, accessing a tablet or lightweight laptop, enjoying a hobby or interest, or just having the television remote controls within reach are all possible with the personal wheelchair table.


Wheelchair bags, pouches, and organizers are essential for those who spend a lot of time in their wheelchairs living, working, and engaging in activities. A wheelchair organizer can fit inside the wheelchair sitting area and run the length of the seat depth, giving the user rapid access to a phone, glasses, money, make-up, keys, medicine, and any other small objects the user may need personal access to.

The organizer can also be attached to the back of a wheelchair, but the user may require assistance to access its contents. Wheelchair bags are attached to the rear of the wheelchair and can be used to carry minor shopping, college paperwork, and other everyday necessities.

To Conclude 

It is critical to match a wheelchair to the requirements and preferences of the intended user. If you get it incorrect, it will have a significant impact on the user’s future growth, both physically and emotionally. Padding, harnesses, and belts all contribute to the user’s comfort and stability, allowing them to stay ‘fresh’ and ready for the day’s activities and expectations. Protecting the user from inclement weather also protects the wheelchair from cold and moisture, keeping it dry and pleasant for the user while also preventing undue wear and tear.
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