Resmed Airfit N30i



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The AirFit N30i is perfect for you if you are:

  •         A light Sleeper
  •         An active Sleeper
  •         A side Sleeper
  •         A stomach Sleeper
  •         If You Are Claustrophobic


The new reference nasal mask

AirFit N30i is the most successful nasal cradle mask combining all the recent innovations into one mask:

  •         A top-of-head air connection so the CPAP hose is never in your way again.
  •         A nasal cradle designed to fit under the nose, not over it so you no longer have to deal with the red marks on your nose. The nasal pillow hugs the base of your nose for a perfect fitting and no leakage.
  •         A SpringFit technology that allows an automatic adjustment of the cushion around your nose minimizing air leakage
  •         A minimalist design that frees up your face so much you’ll forget you’re wearing the mask!

A very quiet mask

The cushion of the AirFit N30i mask incorporates QuietAir technology. It has now a new design, with a filter for optimal efficiency. The result: a sound level recorded at only 21 dB. Which makes AirFit N30i the quietest nasal mask out there!


  •         Frame in Selected Size with Elbow
  •         Small, Medium, and Small Wide Cushions
  •         Headgear
  •         User manual


Maintenance tips For optimal performance, you should ensure good maintenance of your nose cradle. The nasal cradle cushion and the elbow should be cleaned daily. Make sure to replace your nasal pillow every six months.

The headgear and frame should be cleaned weekly.

1)  Disassemble the entire mask. Remove the cushion from the frame, and separate the headgear from the frame. Also, detach the elbow from the frame.

2)  The headgear is best cleaned by washing it in mild soap and water.

3)  Be sure to wring out the suds and residue when finished.

4)  The soft wraps don’t detach from the frame easily, so it may be easier to not try removing them from the frame before cleaning.

5)  As the mask frame is hollow, it will need to be submerged in a tank of mild soap and water, so water can pass through the frame.

6)  Clean the outside of the soft wraps with mild soap and water.

7)  The cushion can be cleaned with mask wipes, removing any debris or deposits from the cushion by hand.

8)  Allow all parts to air dry before the next use.


Size Small/ Small Wide/ Medium/ Wide
Cushion type Silicone
Included in Package ResMed AirFit N30i mask system (incl. frame, elbow, headgear, cushion) and AirFit N30i user guide
Warranty 90 days