Astral 150 Resmed

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Astral 150 offers non-invasive and invasive mobile ventilation to facilitate the daily life of patients over 5 kg with mild to complete dependence requiring acute and/or long-term care. The Astral 150 ventilator has different modes, circuits and interfaces to treat different medical conditions.

Who is Astral 150 for?

The Astral 150 is suitable for use:

  •         For adult patients
  •         For pediatric patients (from 5 kg)
  •         In a hospital setting
  •         At Home


Designed with your comfort in mind

Astral 150 is designed so that you can live your life to the fullest thanks to its lightweight, long-lasting batteries and practical accessories. Traveling with your ventilator has never been easier, with a mobility bag to protect Astral and all its accessories when you’re on the go. The Slimfit mobility bag, lighter and smaller, has a pocket for the power supply or external battery. The clear window of the saddlebags gives you easy access to the ventilator’s touch screen.

Your safety is a priority

Astral 150 has fixed and adjustable alarms, including an advanced disconnection alarm designed for added security. The Remote Alarm II option allows you to stay connected to a remote or hospital alarm system. Large buttons on the main screen allow you to start or stop the fan or deactivate the alarm simply by touching the screen.

Adapts to your every need

Astral 150 provides day and night ventilation, whether you’re tracheostomized or non-invasively ventilated using a mask or mouthpiece. As your breathing needs might change throughout the day, preset programs are available so you can easily switch to the preset program that works best for you at that time.

With a large range of therapy modes including AVAPS, you can be sure you’re getting all the care you need from your ventilator.

Thanks to the Airview feature, your caregiver can permanently monitor your therapy data through the Resmed Connectivity Module (RCM).


Indications for use Life support for patients over 11 lbs (5 kg)
Single circuit with leak
Single circuit with valve
Valve circuit therapy: CPAP, (A)CV, P(A)CV, P-SIMV, V-SIMV, PS
Leak circuit therapy: CPAP, (S)T, P(A)C, iVAPS3 and optional AutoEPAP4
Mouthpiece ventilation therapy: (A)CV, P(A)CV, PS/SVt
Apnea ventilation Volume and pressure
Preset programs 2
Pressure range and settings  
Delivered pressure (cmH2O) 2–50 (leak circuit)

0–50 (valve circuit)

Delivered tidal volume (mL) Adult: 100–2500 mL

Pediatric: 50–300 mL

Respiratory rate Adult: Off, 2–50 bpm

Pediatric: Off, 5–80 bpm

SpO2 monitoring Optional
FiO2 monitoring Optional
On screen 30 days of summary data Real-time pressure and flow (25 Hz)
ResScanTM (via download) 365 days of summary data 7 days of detailed data
AirViewTM (RCM required) 365 days of summary data 7 days of detailed data
Alarms A wide range of settable alarms are available including FiO2 and SpO2 when connected.
Weight 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 285 mm x 215 mm x 93 mm
Internal battery Lithium-Ion battery, 14.4V, 6.6 Ah, 95 Wh. 8 hours of backup power
Sound power level 43 ± 3 dBA: as measured according to ISO 80601-2-12:2011
Sound pressure level 35 ± 3 dBA