Dreamstation Go Humidifier

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Giving up the comfort of your humidifier when you’re on the go will no longer be an issue with the Dreamstation Go humidifier. The D.S Go Humidifier combines a compact design with water-saving technology so you can enjoy heated humidification anywhere you go.


Compact design

The D.S Go humidifier is the thinnest heated humidifier you can find on the market, perfect for you to take it everywhere, even when you’re packing light!

Works with tape and bottled water

When you’re on the go, permanently worrying about a distilled water source may ruin your getaway. The D.S Go humidifier makes it easier for you as it can be used with tape, bottled, or distilled water so you can enjoy traveling light.

Water-saving technology

Whether you’re traveling by air or sea, the D.S Go can adapt to a large range of ambient conditions allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your humidification system evenly throughout the night, no matter where you are.


The D.S Go humidifier comes with a 2-year warranty.


Size 14.7cm x 5.9 cm x 15.1 cm
Weight 344.7 g
Humidifier Capacity 240 ml
Tubing compatibility Micro-flexible 12 mm, 15 mm, and 22 mm standard tubing
Water compatibility Distilled, tap, bottled*
Humidifier usage while on Battery power No