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The new DreamWear nasal mask offers a clear view, a particularly reliable seal, comfort, and exceptional freedom of movement so you can finally sleep the way You want!


Innovative frame

The DreamWear nasal mask is made of silicone, which is extremely light, soft and flexible. The frame helps those who tend to change position during their sleep to achieve and maintain a good seal and ensure stable and continuous airflow all night long.

“Under the nose” feature

Thanks to this feature, your Dreamwear nasal mask provides airflow to both your nostrils. The pillow sits right beneath your nose and does not cover it, which significantly reduces the risk of irritation on the bridge of the nose.

Open line of sight

With the combination of the flexible frame and the nose pad, the DreamWear nasal CPAP mask opens the line of sight to help you enjoy your favorite night time hobbies.

Several sizes available

The DreamWear nasal mask is available in multiple size configurations to best suit a wide range of users. The frame is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Most users will find that the medium frame offers the best fit. The nose cushion is available in four sizes: small, medium, medium large, and large. The frame and pillow dimensions are interchangeable so that any frame can be used with any pillow.

Connection to the circuit at the top of your head

DreamWear features an elbow connection on the top of the head, allowing you to change your sleeping position as many times as you want without any inconvenience.

  •         Mask With Medium Frame
  •         Headgear
  •         Small, Medium, Medium Wide, and Large Nasal Cushions
  •         Fabric Wraps
Maintenance tips

Consider cleaning your mask daily:

  •         Handwashing it with a mild detergent
  •         Rinse thoroughly with clear water
  •         Let it sit to dry completely before next use


Intent of use To be used on patients <gt/>30kg with a CPAP prescription
Replacement Inspect daily for wear

Replace at first sign of wear

Package contents Small Cushion

Medium Cushion

Large Cushion

Medium Frame

Product details

Materials Nylon

Polyurethane foam



Polyurethane gel



Warranty 90 days
Operating pressure 4 to 20 cmH20
Sound level 18 dBA
Number of parts 5



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