Handheld Oximeter with Adult SPO2 Sensor, Analog (SP-20)

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The Creative SP-20 is an FDA approved pulse oximeter. It provides accurate measurement of oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate for spot checks and continuous monitoring. The SP-20 is user-friendly and lightweight making it your best health mate for both home and hospital use.

The data collected with the SP-20 can easily be reviewed and transferred to your phone or PC via Bluetooth or USB.

Who is the SP-20 oximeter with Adult SpO2 sensor for?

The Creative SP-20 oximeter with SpO2 sensor is ideal for daily observation and record of SpO2 and heart rate and can be used with:

–        People suffering respiratory system diseases

–        Elderly people

–        People suffering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases


–        High Resolution data: the SP-20 accurately measures SpO2 and pulse rate and reliably tracks the changes.

–        Provides accurate data even in difficult settings: low perfusion, movement, weak pulse signal

–        It supports up to 16 different user accounts

–        Audible and visual alert for abnormal SpO2 and pulse rate

–        Long sensor wire (6+feet) for flexibility during monitoring

–        Features a build-in holder for charging and standing display

–        Has a large storage capacity of up to 580 hours of SpO2 and PR recording.

–        Built-in rechargeable batteries of 18-hour life

–        Auto-rotate display that automatically adjust to vertical or horizontal viewing.

–        Bluetooth and USB data transfer to PC or Android/ iPhone App

–        Optional: with the optional infrared ear thermometer you can take temperature reading. The results will display on your SP-20 oximeter.


–        SP-20 Pulse Oximeter with Adult SpO2 sensor

–        Orange Protective Rubber Boot

–        Docking Stand

–        Micro-USB Cable

–        Power supply that can charge the oximeter in or out of the stand

–        Manual


Measuring Mode Continuous or Spot check
Data Storage Up to 500 hours
Display 3.5” color TFT display with rotation
Power Supply 2000mAh lithium battery
Charging Charging stand or USB cable
Dimension 158 mm (L) × 73 mm (W) × 25 mm (H)
Net Weight 230g
Data Upload USB cable or wireless