Innospire Go International

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Fast, efficient and easy to use, the InnoSpire Go nebulizer is designed to reduce treatment duration and give you or your child more time to enjoy good times with family and friends.


Maximum capacity: 30 treatments

The InnoSpire Go comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 30 treatments (120 minutes of use) per charge.

Simple and elegant design

Start your treatment with just the press of a button. When your therapy is complete, audible and visual indications will signal before the device switches off automatically.

25% reduction in treatment time 

Time is priceless, and nothing should come in the way of you sharing quality time with your family, the Innospire Go with its Aerogen Vibronic mesh technology has a clinically proven efficiency in transforming liquid medication into a fine mist for faster treatment.

Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance

The removable mouthpiece makes the InnoSpire Go easy to use, clean and maintain.

For frequently prescribed medications

InnoSpire Go is compatible with most of the common prescribed aerosols for respiratory conditions.

Your medication, anywhere you need it

Small, portable and discreet, this nebulizer can be used anywhere, so you or your child can enjoy life’s daily activities wherever you are.


Size 7.0 cm x 4.5 cm x 13.5 cm
Weight 111g
Battery type Lithium ion
Aerosol data  
Salbutamol 2.5 ml  
MMAD µm 3.99
Residual volume ml 0.3
Treatment time (min:sec) 4.18
Respirable fraction % particles <lt/> 5 µm 64.4%
Ipratropium bromide 2 ml  
MMAD µm 3.93
Residual volume ml 0.2
Treatment time (min:sec) 3.44
Respirable fraction % particles <lt/> 5 µm 65.3%
Budesonide 2 ml  
MMAD µm 4.84
Residual volume ml 0.3
Treatment time (min:sec) 3.34
Respirable fraction % particles <lt/> 5 µm 52.1%
Handset warranty 2 years
Mouthpiece assembly warranty 1 year
Battery performance  
Charging time 2 Hours
No. of treatments per charge 30