Portable Suction, 20L/min,1 Jar 1000ML

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The Yuwell 7E-H1 is a compact, electrical suction device for home or clinical use. It is mainly used for phlegm and mucus removal and also as an aspirator in hospital OTs.

Who is the Yuwell Portable Suction for?

The 7E-A device is suitable for both home and hospital use for:

  • Patients with difficulty in phlegm removal due to illness, coma and surgery in home healthcare
  • Aspirating pus and blood during clinical practice (ER, OR…).


  • Strong and lightweight plastic body.
  • It’s an oil-free lubrication suction device,
  • It has a 20 LPM suction pump capacity.
  • Maintenance free
  • Concealed liquid storage bottle
  • Vacuum pressure meter
  • Stepless pressure adjustment
  • Quiet treatment
  • Over-flow protection
  • Suction liner
  • Wall-hung shelf
  • 1L polycarbonate jar with advanced over-flow protection
  • Tubing kit
  • Additional bacterial filters


Input power 90VA
Max Vacuum ≥ 0.08MPa
Max Air Flow 28±2 L/min (without jar);

 22±2 L/min(with jar)

Operation noise approx. 60dB(A) (without vacuum)
Liquid Collection Jar 1000mL, 1piece
Operating time 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off