Reusable Turbine

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With the MIR Reusable Turbine, you can take your spirometry test to the next level as it gives you the ability to use Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) filters that help protect you, your patients and your equipment against cross-contamination.

The MIR Reusable Turbine is made of high-tech material such as synthetic sapphires that give you extreme accuracy and reproducibility even after years of use.


1.  Spirometer compatibility

The MIR Reusable Turbine is compatible and ca, be used with the following MIR spirometers:

–        MIR Spirolab New Spirometer

–        MIR Spirobank II Spirometer

–        MIR Spirodoc Spirometer

–        MIR MiniSpir New Spirometer

–        MIR Spirolab III Portable Desktop Spirometer

–        MIR Reusable Turbine + 50 PFT Filters

2.  PFT filters Compatibility

The MIR reusable turbine works with the following 30 mm PFT filters:

–        VBMax E-Series PFT Filter (30 mm)

–        VBMax S-Series PFT Filter (30 mm)

–        VBMax Standard PFT Filter (30 mm)