Spot Blood Glucose Monitoring system-582

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Monitoring your blood sugar rate is mandatory when suffering from diabetes as it prevents complications. The Spot Blood Glucose Monitoring System by Yuwell is a lightweight and easy-to-use glucometer. It was designed to help you keep your blood sugar levels within an ideal range.


  •         The Yuwell Glucometer measures the glucose concentration in capillary blood.
  •         It is easy to use and transport. It gives you the results on just 8 seconds.
  •         For an effective sugar blood test, the Yuwell 582 only requires 1 µL of blood.
  •         This glucometer works with test strips with 5 connection electrodes.
  •         It provides accurate measurement as it adapts to the sample volume and ambient temperature.
  •         The Yuwell 582 works with 2 AA batteries that allow you to perform around 1000 measurement.
  •         The device also features an automatic shutdown system so the batteries last longer
  • 1 * YUWELL 582 Blood Glucometer
  • 1 * Lancet Pen
  • 50 * Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • 50 * Blood Lancet
  • 50 * Alcohol Cotton


Item name YUWELL 582 Blood Glucometer
Color White
Unit mmol/ L
Detection range 1.1-33.3mmol/L
Blood sample 1µL (microliter)
Memory storage 250
Battery 2*AAA batteries