Spot Blood Glucose Monitoring Test Strip (50 EA)

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The Spot Blood Glucose Monitoring Test Strips from Yuwell are highly sensitive and very accurate blood sugar strips. They come in a box of 50 strips and are compatible with The Yuwell 590 and 580 glucose meters.


  • They work with the siphon principle, so they can instantly suck the blood drop into the test paper.
  • The Yuwell blood glucose test strips provide you with accurate results within only 8 seconds of time
  • The strips only need 1µll of blood the measure blood sugar
  • The long-term use is more cost-effective as the 50 strips bottle will cost you less than the independent packaging.


Product name Blood glucose test strip
Blood demand 1µl
Testing time 8 seconds
Product specifications 2*25 pieces/box Contains 50sticks/box lancet
Applicable models 580/590 blood glucose meter