Trilogy detachable battery

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The Trilogy detachable battery is a high-powered, and easy-to-replace battery pack intended for the Respironics Trilogy ventilators. Fully charged, it will power the Trilogy 100 or 200 ventilators for three hours, offering you more freedom and mobility.

How to use

The trilogy detachable battery was designed to power portable ventilators so that you can keep receiving your oxygen therapy even when you’re away from a power plug.

Once you install the trilogy battery, you only need to find a working outlet to plug it in and start charging the battery. It can also be charged by a muti-purpose battery such as the Respironics detachable battery charger


  •         Portable lightweight design to transport and carry around easily
  •         Easy to use
  •         Compatible with all Trilogy ventilators
  •         Up to 3 hours autonomy


Weight 2.50 LBS
Compatibility T70 Cough Assist Trilogy 100, 200 and 202 ventilators
Autonomy 3 hours