Trilogy Evo

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Trilogy Evo is a portable ventilator that was designed to best accompany you into your day-to-day activities without compromising your therapy.

 Who is Trilogy Evo for?

The Respironics Trilogy Evo is intended for pediatric and adult patients with a minimum of 2.5kg weight who require mechanical ventilation.

  •  Can provide both continuous or intermittent positive pressure ventilation
  •  Suitable for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  •  Portable design for a practical use
  •  Designed to fit different transport settings (wheelchair, personal vehicle…)


Designed for dynamic environments

Because we are aware of the multiple benefits of a home transition for you, Trilogy Evo was made to fit different environments with a durable design to protect it against damage during travel.

Better performing battery

As a ventilator-dependent patient, worrying about your battery life is no longer an issue. With the Trilogy Evo’s 15-hour battery you can carry your ventilator anywhere you want. It can also be mounted onto a roll stand or on a wheelchair with the carry bag.

Facilitates data sharing with your healthcare provider

Forget about the repeated home visits, with Evo’s new cloud-based tool: Care Orchestrator, your caregiver can remotely access your ventilation data and manage the settings of your therapy, so you can keep getting personalized treatment in the comfort of your home.

Easy navigation

Respironics has put a lot of effort into making the Trilogy Evo a user-friendly device by simplifying the settings and including an 8” intuitive touchscreen so you can easily navigate through the modes and best manage the device.

Adapts with every breath

Thanks to the AVAPS technology, your Evo ventilator will automatically adjust to reach the desired tidal volume. The Auto-Trak feature helps the device adjust to your natural breathing pattern for maximum comfort even with the little ones.

Trilogy Evo doesn’t require any inspirational effort to trigger a breath, it is intended to deliver on-demand ventilation whenever you engage or disengage from the mouthpiece.

With the Auto Back-up feature, you won’t have to fight against your ventilator anymore, as it delays the machine’s breath until you exhale.

High performance, low cost

Choosing the Trilogy Evo is also choosing the Respironics support:

  •   24-hour clinical support
  •   Educational training resources
  •   Minimum equipment for calibration
  •   Preventive maintenance every 4 years


Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 16.5 cm x 28.6 cm x 24.5 cm, (6.48-inch x 11.25-inch x 9.65 inch)
Patient Age Group Pediatric, Adult
Tidal Volume 0 to 2000 ml
Ventilation Mode CPAP, S/T, PCV, AVAPS, PPV, SIMV to VC, PC, MPV to PC
Respiratory Rate 0 to 90 bpm
DC Input Voltage 12 / 24 V 6.5 A
Internal and Detachable Li-on Batteries 15 hours (7.5 hours each battery)
Charge Time for Detachable and Internal Battery from 0% to 80% 2.5 hours; from 0% to 100% 3.5 hours
Display Size 8-inch, 20.32 cm
Display Type LCD Display
Apnea Time 5 to 60 sec
Trigger and Cycle Off, AutoTrak, Sensitive, AutoTrak, and Flow Trigger