Vital Signs Monitor (PC-900 plus)-SNET

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The PC-900 plus from creative is a small multi-parameter patient monitor. It is intended for spot checking and/or continuous monitoring of the vital physiological parameters.


–        Versatile physiological calculations: NIBP, Pulse, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), ECG, Temperature.

–        7″ high-resolution touch screen

–        NIBP adjustable measuring cycles

–        Long lasting built-in ion battery

–        Data export and software upgrade for patient monitor testing via USB

–        Adult/pediatric/Neonatal measurement modes

–        Up to 12000 groups of NIBP, 3000 groups SpO2 and event record

–        Visual and audible alarms

–     Optional built-in thermal printer


NIBP Monitoring
Technology  Oscillometric method
Pneumatic pressure measuring range  0 mmHg~300mmHg
Accuracy of pressure measurement  ±3 mmHg
Standard measurement range
Systolic  Adult: 40-255mmHg
Diastolic  Adult: 10-195mmHg
MAP  Adult: 20-215mmHg
NIBP accuracy
Maximum mean error  ±5 mmHg
Maximum Standard deviation  8 mmHg
Measurement mode  Manual, Auto, STAT
SpO2 Monitoring
SpO2 measurement range  35%~100%
SpO2 measurement accuracy  0.4%~5%
Low perfusion performance  0.4%~5%
Pulse rate measurement range  30bpm~240bpm
Pulse rate measurement accuracy  ±2bpm or 2% whichever is greater
ECG and TEMP Monitoring
Heart rate range  20bmp~250bmp
TEMP measurement range  25℃~45℃
Accuracy  ±2bpm or 2% whichever is greater (ECG)

0.1℃ (TEMP)

Other Specifications
Power supply  100~250VAC and 50/60 Hz
Internal power supply  12VDC (rechargeable)
Battery specification  12V 2.3AH(sealed lead-acid battery)