Water Chamber Tub for Philips Respironics System One Humidifiers – Universal Kit

SAR 180.0


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The Water Chamber for PR System One Humidifiers is a universal replacement humidifier chamber kit designed to be used on most PR devices with humidifiers.


  •         Easy to dissemble and clean: it can safely go into the dishwasher
  •         Simple to use: it features a more visible Max fill line and color-coded lids
  •         Spill-proof lid:  The chamber comes with a silicone gasket that perfectly seals it


The PR System One water chamber is compatible with three types of humidifiers:

  •         PR System One Heated Humidifier
  •         PR System One 60 Series Heated Humidifier
  •         PR System One 60 Series Heated Tube Humidifier


The PR System One water chamber includes

  •         A universal chamber bottom
  •         A color coded-lid to match one of the PR System One line:

o   Clear Lid: PR System One Heated Humidifier

o   Grey Lid: PR System One 60 Series Humidifiers

Tips for use

  •         Open the humidifier’s door and make sure it’s locked open
  •         As the humidifier is still connected, remove the water tank to avoid spilling
  •         Remove the tank and empty all the water, do not fill it while it’s still inside the humidifier
  •         Use distilled water and avoid mineral water in order to prevent mineral build-up
  •         Respect the water maximum fill line, if overfilled, water may leak and cause damage to the device
  •         Avoid moving the humidifier when there is still water in the tank
  •         Once the water tank is correctly installed, you can turn on the humidifier.
  •         Make sure to repeat these steps every morning for optimum performance of the device
  •         The water chamber has to be cleaned once every one to two weeks (handwash it or use the dishwasher)