Dream Wear Full Face Mask With Headgear (S)

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The DreamWear Full Face Mask with Enhanced Headgear was designed to have minimal contact with the skin, so you have the feeling that you are not wearing anything at all. It offers greater freedom of movement thanks to the connection on the top of the head, its flexible silicone air duct, and its 360° rotating connection. It is also equipped with very comfortable, waterproof, and stable gel cushions.


Unobstructed view

Unlike other face masks, the Philips DreamWear offers a wide field of vision. The mask cushion starts under the nose, making it easy to read in bed or watch TV before bedtime.

Full freedom of movement

The mask is particularly suitable if you breathe through your mouth and nose at night, whether you are bearded or claustrophobic. Thanks to the hose connection on the head, it allows you to sleep comfortably in all positions, whether on your back, on your side or even on your stomach.

Optimum comfort

The very soft and flexible frame of the DreamWear makes it very comfortable to wear and barely noticeable. Its unique design reduces annoying marks on the bridge of the nose and face. The mask’s magnetic system makes it quick and easy to put on.


the mask comes with an average size frame and mask cushions in four different sizes (S, M, M-L and L). Mask frames and cushions can be easily connected by a plug-in system and are fully interchangeable with other cushions from the DreamWear masks family.

  •         Medium DreamWear Mask Frame
  •         Headgear
  •         2 Magnetic clips
  •         DreamWear Full Face Cushion in size S
  •         User guide


Intent of use To be used on patients >30kg with a CPAP prescription
Pipe fitting diameter 12 mm
Materials Nylon

Polyurethane foam





Warranty 90 days
Operating pressure 4 to 30 cmH20
Sound level 17 dBA