Ultra-Fine CPAP Filters for ResMed AirSens 10 & S9

SAR 5,200.0


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The Resmed CPAP Filters are designed to protect your device by preventing airborne particles and dust from building up and getting to your device so you can get the best experience out of your CPAP device.


These CPAP are suitable to use with ResMEd S9 Series and AirSense 10 devices.

Replacement schedule

These filters are disposable and are not suitable for washing. They should be replaced every 4 to 6 months or whenever signs of deterioration are noticed.



The role of your filter is to protect your CPAP machine from dust and debris, by changing your filter you are reducing the risk of mechanical failure of your device and allowing yourself to enjoy a fresh and healthier air every time.

Easy to use

To change your filter, follow these simple steps:

1)  Unclip the lid on the side of your device

2)  Take out your old filter

3)  Put on a new filter and close the lid

  •         twelve S9 / AirSense 10 air filters
  •         User guide