Fingertip Oximeter (PC-60B1)

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The Creative PC-60B1 fingertip oximeter was designed to accurately and reliably measure the oxygen saturation levels of your blood. This device is easy to carry around and can be used anywhere and with everyone. It is very easy to use and always provides a fast accurate response.


–        Auto On/Off feature: the device will turn on only by putting it on your finger and will turn off once your finger is removed.

–        Compact and lightweight

–        Low battery indicator

–        Built-in long-lasting battery: over 30hours

–        Accurately measures SpO2, Pulse Rate and Perfusion Index Values.

–        Pre-Set audio and visual alarm (flashes) function for SpO2 and Pulse Rate.

–        Water and chock resistant


–        Device

–        QA certificate

–        Carry case

–        Lanyard

–        2x AAA Batteries


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