Posthorax Pro Gentlemen

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The Posthorax Pro Gentlemen support vest was scientifically developed and designed for external thoracic stabilization after sternum bone surgery. It’s the only product on the market to provide total stability for the sternum halves while giving you the exact amount of flexibility for comfortable breathing.


        Reduces the risk of pulmonary problems by compensating and redistributing the internal forces of the deep breathing and coughing related to the healing process.

        Facilitates early mobilization by acting like a smart cast to give you the confidence and security to move while your fracture is fully protected at all times.

        It provides permanent support for the sternum bone thanks to the patented support cushions parallel to the sternum fracture. It also features adjustable side bands for a perfect fit.

        It significantly speeds up the healing process thus reducing the duration of your hospital stay.

Item Chest size
POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen L (Large) 90-120 cm

35-47 inches

POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen M (Medium) 70-90 cm

27-35 inches

POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen XL  (XLarge) 120-150 cm

47-60 inches

POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen XXL (XXLarge) special model 150-210 cm

60-82 inches