TrueBlue Nasal Mask For CPAP

SAR 480.0 SAR 500.0


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The Respironics TrueBlue nasal mask uses the best of a gel and air cushion to provide the comfort of a gel mask and the strong seal of an air cushion. TrueBlue works well for many types of CPAP users as it’s easy to use and very effective.


  • The first mask to use AutoSeal technology, the Respironics TrueBlue uses the proven Respironics blue gel cushion in combination with a patented silicone air membrane that inflates and seals when air hits the mask.
  • Premium blue gel cushion that incorporates a thin silicone outer membrane that effectively seals while allowing movement and a high level of comfort.
  • The accordion part stabilizes the mask during movements in bed.
  • Intuitive forehead pad design that also uses a blue gel pad to increase comfort.
  •  Easy-to-remove headgear clips allow users to remove the mask quickly and without modifying the headgear adjustments.

Tip for use:

Recommended fitting: first adjust the upper straps of the headgear to stabilize the mask and then the lower straps for optimum adaptability. Attaching the clips requires good vision and finger agility.