Wisp Ped Fit Pack

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The proven Wisp nasal mask now comes in a new version designed to meet the unique needs of the little ones. The Wisp pediatric mask is a minimal contact nasal mask, intended for children over 10 kg.

It is composed of a cushion and a stretch fabric headgear.


Comfort and Reassurance

Wisp Pediatric is designed in soft materials to provide optimal comfort.

Its Giraffe print will help you to de-dramatize the treatment for your child.

Without a brow bar, this mask gives your child a full field of vision. He can read or have a story read to him in the evening just as before!


The Wisp Pediatric mask has a wheel under the cushion. It allows a precise adjustment of the mask, in order to avoid any air leakage.

A practical mask

Wisp Pediatric is equipped with quick release tabs, very practical to disconnect from the machine, during a “hurried” night up for example!

The handling loop placed on the pipe allows the pipe to be brought back over the head. Which can be very practical if your child is bothered by the hose while sleeping.

Removal clips allow the mask to be removed without having to readjust the headgear tabs every time it is used.


  • A set of 3 nasal pillows (Sizes S, M and L)
  • A Giraffe print fabric frame
  • A Giraffe-print fabric harness
  • A thin circuit connected to the CPAP tubing
  • A Giraffe fabric pipe cover
  • A template
  • A user guide

Comfort Tips:

  • If your child prefers to sleep in a certain position, hold the mask until he finds the best position.
  • The headgear must be comfortable to wear. If you notice redness on your child’s face, loosen the harness.
  • The quick-release elbow allows the mask to be temporarily disconnected from the circuit without having to remove the mask. The elbow can be quickly put back in place when the child returns to bed.
  • When removing the headgear, you can start by removing the headgear or the frame by pulling one or the other over the head. Children often prefer the headgear to be removed first, so they can pull the mask away from the face rather than pull it over.

Maintenance of the Wisp Pediatric Mask:

  • Wash the mask parts in hot water using dish-washing soap. Do not clean the mask with bleach, alcohol, or solutions containing moisturizers or softeners.
  • Wash the non-fabric parts (cushion and circuit) by hand daily.
  • Once a week, wash the fabric parts by hand and let them air dry.
  • Use the headgear attachment clips to put on or take off the mask in order to preserve the stretch of the fabric parts.