Whisper Swivel II

SAR 250.0


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The Respironics Whisper Swivel II works as an external exhalation port designed to remove excess gas when using a full-face CPAP or Bi-PAP mask. Unlike modern masks, previous PR mask designs don’t include exhalation ports and require an additional valve such as the Whisper Swivel II.


  • Removes waste gas and keeps the air-path leak-free
  • Prevents the hose from bending and twisting
  • Can easily be attached or detached from the circuit
  • Compatible with Respironics reusable Profile Lite Silicone Contour and Gold Seal mask designs
  • Lessens the sound of the exiting air
  • Easy to disassemble and clean: handwash with warm water and soap. Dry before reassembling
  • Latex free